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On 2009/12/16 17:02 (GMT+0100) Clayton composed:

OK, you can easily argue that these apps are not "necessary" to do
"real work" whatever that is.. but in Lynn's case, it's a test for
Linux as a home computer, not a server, not a "work" computer.

So puters in homes are all toys? No one who uses a puter at home uses it for
work? A computer is by design a tool. Some use the tool for playing games.
Many don't.

When I buy a tool, I expect it to continue to function as when new for a very
very long time. Granted, puters are not as long lived as Craftsman or Snap
On, but nevertheless they shouldn't become obsolete from mere passage of
time. They shouldn't need to be replaced before they die of natural causes.
Forced advanced retirement is an ecologically bankrupt paradigm.

Web sites requiring bling haven't yet enabled accessibility. Every (e.g.
Flash, theoretically accessible-enabled, but not in the wild) one I've ever
been to is unusable even with required plugins or enabled 3DFX hardware. All
make everything too small to use on a high resolution screen or by someone
who needs text at least as large as their browser's default and images big
enough to be recognizable as what they purport to depict.
" We have no government armed with power capable of
contending with human passions unbridled by morality and
religion." John Adams, 2nd US President

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