Re: [opensuse] Linux on a single computer

On Wed, 2009-12-16 at 14:25 -0200, Marco Calistri wrote:
On Wed 16 Dec 2009 at 14:02:15 (-0300 UTC), Clayton wrote:

The open source ATI drivers do work for basic stuff, but so far, I've
not had much good success with them on the apps that need more
graphics capabilities. For example, on 11.2 on my system with the ATI
1250, using the community drivers (only option now with that card), I
get loads of graphics artifacts - something that was reported on the
list already.


Wonder if, when purchasing a new laptop to be used with Linux in general
and openSUSE in particular, must I be aware to the video card manufacturer?

Right now I have an HP DV6230BR, which is equipped by a Nvidia GeForce
Go 6150 and since openSUSE 10,3 it never caused problems.

Several new HP laptop models are now provided with ATI Radeon HD 4200:
are there any issues related to this video card?

On laptops, I always look at the display chipset. Nvidia is first

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