Re: [opensuse] Re: Linux on a single computer

lynn wrote:
If you've got a hp, be careful not to say the word "linux". I made that
mistake, and they immediately stopped talking to me, saying they
couldn't help unless my laptop was in its "original configuration".

John Perry

Thanks for the warning. This is looking worse post by post. I don't think
anyone will help you one to one with Linux. In my experience the only help you
can get is on lists like this or on a sort of of Ubuntu type help level on the
opensuse forum.

Well, my experience wasn't with asking for software help -- any mailing
list will give better advice than hp's bottom-feeder script readers in
India. I have two hardware failures (power button and internal
speakers), and hp had sent me email telling of an extended warranty on
my laptop series.

The power button was clearly not a software issue, and the speakers were
dead even when I booted into xp pro. But as soon as I let the L-word
slip, they cut me off and said they wouldn't talk to me until my
computer was in its "original configuration".

After I bought a new hard drive and put xp pro alone on it, they then
revealed that the extended warranty didn't include the power switch or

Need I say I won't be buying another hp computer? :-(

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