Re: [opensuse] is it generally recommended to write software that NOT store temporary files in home directory?

On Monday 28 December 2009 13:58:28 Zhang Weiwu wrote:
Dear all

I was wondering is there a best practice or conventional suggestion that
software should not write temporary files in user's home directory, but
do it on /tmp/ or /var/tmp?

I ask this because when I want to backup a live user profile usually it
fails thanks to file size change during backup. Most of them are
temporary files. In my case it is a bit difficult to back it up by
asking the user to log out, because I can only access their computers in
working hour, and they are working in working our, especially backup
takes perhaps 1 hour, and I don't want to interrupt them by 1 hour.
After working hour they took back their notebooks. I start to think,
that is it by design backup should be when user not logged in, or is
there exist a convention of not using ~/.app as temp but software
designers tends to ignore that?


Do you need to backup those temporary files. I think you can use a filter or
something like this. Just backup the files you needed. In my opinion, any
temporary file is not necessary and should not be backed up. This would
save some space and backup time too.

Perhaps this is not related to your problem, just some personal opinions.

Yang Bo
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