Re: [opensuse] Configuring DHCP

2009-12-30 18:49 keltezéssel, Anders Johansson írta:
On Wed, 2009-12-30 at 18:15 +0100, Oszkó Albert wrote:
Could you please someone give me a tip where can I find an
understandable description of the configuration of DHCP in order to
automatically login upon bootup? Login via browser by givin login/passwd
simply drives me crazy and takes a long time.

I assume you have one of those annoying internet connections where you
have to log in to a web page before being able to use it, and that this
is what you mean by "logging in". Is this correct?

If so, I'm not sure if you can do what you want with DHCP alone. It is
probably possible to do it with wget or curl though, since they are both
able to GET or POST login data from a script. You can put the script
in /etc/sysconfig/network/if-up.d/ which should get triggered when you
get an address from dhcp. Exactly what to put in that script depends on
what the web page does when you log in, so I can't give a detailed
answer on that one


Your are right,, that is what I thought of. Sorry for my ignorance...

To be more precise: I connect to to the net via a cable a modem, and my
computer does not have a static IP. The IP is given by a DHCP server, of

To be able to use the net, I have to give my login/passwd -(that I got
from my ISP)- on a browser page. After clicking OK, another window pops
up and says that Authetication expired. After clicking OK in this latter
window, the login/passwd boxes sometimes either disappear from the web
page either they do not. I have to dismiss the browser to re- initialize
the login process. Usually the result is the same. Except when after
hitting OK in the pop up window the mouse cursor keeps its arrow shape
and also the web page keeps the entries in the boxes. Clicking OK in
the web page again leads to an error message that This page cannot be
submitted twice. After a while (my record is 45 min) I got the message
in the popup window that Auhentication is succesful and after that the
default web page is loaded. I hope I was clear.

Two remarks: Accessing the net in windows is achieved by running a small
batch file (also from the ISP). In most cases it takes a couple of
seconds. When I reboot into oS afterwards, there is no need for the
above login process, since the net is already available.
After switching off the computer and rebooting within -say - 30 minutes
again (into oS) also leads to "ready for net" status.

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