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What is the maximum number of partitions that can reside on a hard disk and/or can be handled by openSUSE?
(I know that max 4 primary, of which one can be extended, and the extended one has logical partitions.)
I read somewhere that some version of openSUSE can handle only a limited number of partitons (~10-12) if a given driver (libata or not the libata or ?) is choosen to handle disks. But I can't recall where I read this and in what extent it is correct. I've read the release notes of 11.0, 11.1 and 11.2 but did not find anything related. I am planning to make more than 10 partitions and I would like to see clearly.
I am using openSUSE 10.3 and experimenting with 11.1 and 11.2.

Using the openSUSE legacy (IDE) storage driver appropriate for your chipset,
you can have up to 62 partitions with filesystems, plus the extended which
has no filesystem, for a total of 63, in all openSUSE versions through 11.2.

How exactly to select use of the legacy driver during installation varies
according to openSUSE version. Docs to tell how are on the published
installation instructions.

Using the newer libata storage driver, the limit is 14(+1) using stock
kernels up through 11.2. As of 2.6.28 kernels, the 14(+1) libata limit has
been lifted, but I don't know whether to 62(+1) or 254(+1) or more.

As a consequence, using the default libata driver in current Factory (and in
the upcoming 11.3) each HD can have more partitions than most people can deal

I have several HDs with in excess of 30 partitions each, spread among various
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