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On 2010/01/12 11:44 (GMT+0100) Istvan Gabor composed:

What is the case with pre 10.3 systems? They use the old driver and see all IDE partitions, but how they handle SATA disks?

Until the 2.6.28 kernel, which means release of 11.2 with its 2.6.31,
SATA/SCSI/Firewire users were limited to 14 partitions with filesystems per HD.

However, in 11.2 you have again unlimited (AFAIK, really unlimited) number
of partitions with scsi names, ie, the new library. This is new, and I
understand, pushed by suse/novell on the kernel :-)

Some other distros wanted upgraders to be forced to move to LVM if they
wanted more than 14 partitions/HD. Novell was in fact a proponent of a less
intrusive upgrade path, and instrumental in its implementation in libata.

But openSUSE 11.2 reference guide says (in chapter 2.1.1 Partition Types):
"The maximum number of logical partitions is 15 on SCSI, SATA, and Firewire disks
and 63 on (E)IDE disks."

Which one is correct?

That part of the guide didn't get an update it needed.
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