Re: [opensuse] Favorite distro for OLDER hardware?? (i386->i586 / PIII & AMD K6-2 types)

Mike wrote:
Mike wrote:

I've seen puppy and DSL recommended bu others, I have an old laptop
with 8 meg RAM with is too small for either of them so I'm trying an
older slackware on it.

I was able to install that on an old 386-16 with 2 meg of RAM. I gave
up on recompiling the kernel after 2 weeks, upgraded the ram to 4 meg
and it finished in a day.
I've got one of those - a 386-SX25 - what did you install on it -

yes I think it was still the 1.1.59 kernel

I once installed tomsrtbt on a GRiD 1450sx laptop.
386sx-20 or 25
3M of ram
640x480 greyscale lcd, about like a calculator or watch screen.
40M hard drive.

Within the tiny 1.44M tomsrtbt floppy there were enough tools to:
resize the dos6.2/win3.1 filesystem without destroying it,
resize the dos/win partition and add new ones for for swap and /,
make swap and ext2 filesystem,
install a copy of itself,
install lilo and configure it for dual-boot, and the kernel supported plip for tcp/ip over parallel port to fetch anything else I wanted after that.

That machine was a really great tool for fixing various network apliances via serial console, or smashing them to pieces since the case on that thing was both heavier and tougher than some hammers I've owned.

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