Re: [opensuse] how to recover from partial kernel upgrade?

On 01/19/2010 05:37 AM, Zhang Weiwu wrote:
Does it help if I download the full kernel package and install manually?
Consider my poor skill level (I use the opensuse mostly for
non-technical work) I might need the download link directly instead of
just dropping me a hint "yes that would work". I am a bit surprised
because I think if the package and depended packages are not fully
downloaded, opensuse should not install them, that should be a basic
requirement for package manager.

ANSWER: yes!

As long as you have a bootable system (even if you don't you can use the
install dvd and chroot the current install), I would grab the kernel,
kernel-source and kernel-syms (full rpms, NOT the deltas), download them however
you can and copy them over to your suse box. (a flash drive will work) Then put
them in a directory by themselves (all 3 in one directory) and then just cd into
the directory and as root:

rpm -ivh *.rpm

Normally, that would 'install' the new kernel along side the existing one
instead of -Uvh which would upgrade/replace the existing kernel. I say use -i
instead of -U because -i just provides a failsafe.

HOWEVER, since you are installing the same kernel again, in this case -i will
be the same as -U essentially and you will probably have to add --force to the
rpm command line. I would also use -U in this case (the results will be the same):

rpm -Uvh --force *.rpm

to tell rpm to go ahead and overwrite the existing kernel files with the new
ones. (and YES, this is one of the rare proper uses of --force, don't use it
accept in this limited setting where you need to overwrite an existing package
with the same one)

The direct links to a reliable source for the distribution, repositories and
updates are:

I don't know where you are getting your kernels, but the latest in updates is:

(note I don't know if a ppc/g4 is ppc64 or ps3, but you can find both above.)

If you a ppc64 box then your base url would be:

It looks like you are getting a newer kernel from one of the other repos. Just
look for that repo under:

and you should find it. Good luck!

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