Re: [Bulk] Re: [opensuse] defrag

Anton Aylward wrote:
John Heinen said the following on 02/13/2010 02:57 PM:

Thanks, Well, what happened is that my gateway with winxp and many other
tries with live cd Linux just quit, that is the lights are flashing but
the screen stays dark, puppy linux is the only one that could get some
life with the message "defrage please". I probably need a new hard
drive or find one smart cd that can work miracles.


I think you have hardware problems.
I have a folder of LiveCDs for Linux - I seem to collect them :-)
All of them work on my 3-year old Presario, a couple don't on my
father's 5-year old ACER, but that only has 256K of memory :-(

Defrag WHAT?

The whole point of the LiveCD is that you run entirely from the CD.
I can imagine it would DETECT whatever disk you have, but that's all.
Unless you open a browser/file-manager it shouldn't take any notice of
your hard drive.

Worst case - whcih is why some won't run on my father's machine - the
LiveCD tries to consturct an in-memory file system. Obviously there
would be no point in trying to derag that!

Linux file system don't need defrag.
So where is that emssage coming from?

Are you sure you're not trying to install Linux ONTO a MS file system?
I recall Mandriva and I tink Ubunttu have options for that.

Where did you get you LiveCD from?
Did you checksum it

Indeed it is liggit, bought it from Discountlinux, a very reputable
firm, that particular livecd puppy 431 does work fine on two other
machines, with opensuse and also with ubuntu on the hard drive, and that
is what it said " DEFRAG PLEASE"
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