Re: [opensuse] WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! -- Good News! Good News! Good News!

OK, here it is.


As you may remember back in KDE3 one right-clicked (R-C) on a desktop,
selected Configure Desktop then selected in that menu each of your
desktops one by one (if you had more than one - I have 6) and applied a
separate Wallpaper of your choice to each desktop. You then clicked on
OK (or was that Apply/OK?), the menu would close and each desktop now
had a different wallpaper.

In KDE44 you need to select a desktop showing in the Taskbar (bottom
lefthand). Then you:

* R-C on the desktop

* left-click (L-C) on Desktop Activity Setting

* select and apply a wallpaper to this desktop

However, if this desktop is not the first one you started with (before
you created your additional desktops) you will not have any icons for
the applications you would normally run. To create those icons:

* R-C on the desktop

* L-C on Unlock Widgets

* R-C and select on the menu Add Widgets

* L-C on this and you will get at the BOTTOM of the screen a bank of
icons showing the widgets which are available

* find and DOUBLE L-C on the icon showing Desktop Folder - the Folder
will appear on your desktop; but this folder will contain a
representation of what you would see in Dolphin - which is not what you want

* to get what you had in KDE3 you need to get the sidebar-menu for the
folder by placing the cursor on the folder; then

* L-C on the "spanner" in the sidebar-menu

* from the menu which comes up, L-C on the Show Desktop Folder and the
folder will change to what you had in KDE; however

* this menu you have in front of you will, most likely, have the bottom
covered by the band of widgets (at the bottom of you screen) - and the
bottom of the menu has the OK button which you need to click on to "get
it all together"[1]

* L-C and HOLD on the top of the menu and drag it upwards to expose the
OK button; click on OK and the bottom band of widgets will disappear and
so will the menu

* now you need to adjust the size of the Folder on the desktop or
reposition if you want to

* once this is done, R-C on the desktop and select Lock Widgets


Now, you need to do all this for each and every desktop you have created.

Once you've done this several times it all becomes a piece of cake! :-)

Instead of dragging the Desktop Folder widget across the whole deskto,
you could get KDE 3 behaviour in KDE 4 with R-C on Desktop -> Activity
-> Type: "Folder View"

I see two issues:

1) In KDE 3, one did not have to switch to each desktop to change it's
settings. In KDE 4, only the active desktop can be set. Please comment
on this bug and add a screenshot of the KDE 3 settings dialogue
showing the ability to switch desktops:

2) You are confusing Desktops with Activities and rightfully so. The
whole Activities thing was a mess. It really is a great idea for
people who ignore desktops and use only Activities, but for those who
are familiar with Desktops it gets confusing fast. Only one or the
other should have been incorporated into KDE 4.

Now the good news: Activities are likely to be dropped for KDE 4.5.
the whole thing is being cleaned up. Do you give me permission to use
your prior mail verbatim in order to make arguments? Can I contact you
in the future?

Dotan Cohen

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