Re: [opensuse] WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! -- Good News! Good News! Good News!

On 14/02/10 21:48, Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 14 February 2010 11:25, Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Some people have complained about posting with their email addresses
intact. I was too lazy to just edit the email address, so I removed
the entire credit line. I'll not be lazy in the future.


The only complaints I have read (besides my own complaints :-) Â re
above) is about over-long SIGNATURES (taglines) at the end of posts.

It might have been on another list.

Nope. Here, which is Patrick's most favourite haunting grounds :-D


"If it weren't for electricity we'd be all watching televion by candlelight."
George Gobel

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