Re: [opensuse] Best way to upgrade server from 10.2 to 11.2?

HG wrote:
Should I try to upgrade the server or do a clean install?

I always do a clean install. It's more work but it feels safer to me.

If clean install, can I install the new version to the other smaller
drive so that I can select in the boot also the older version? And
thus be sure that I can access the files on the RAID.


Will the new version be able to find and use the RAID if I do clean
installation to the other drive?

There should be no problem unless there's something very strange about
your RAID. In any case, the installer should detect the RAID so you can
see whether it appears to work before you actually install.

Finally, how do I install this with CD+network as the guide here: is pretty... well
confusing. :-) Do I just download the .iso by selecting the "network"
on this page: and go on from there
with feeling?

Basically yes. That page is indeed confusing. Give it a go and see how
you get on. You may find this useful

If you get stuck or confused, just come back and ask here. You won't
harm the existing installation and can reboot into the old server setup
if you need to fallback.

Cheers, Dave
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