[opensuse] Kmail annoyance

Hello SuSE people,

Running 11.2 4.4 with Kmail 1.13.0

First a little explanation to visualize the problem, In my message list there
are a bunch of read messages that I keep for reference or until I categorize
them into separate folders. Now I download new messages. They are interspersed
with the old messages due to threading. The new messages are in red.

Now, as I read the new messages by selecting them they are highlighted and I
can delete them or just leave them and the next message below gets highlighted
which is fine and the way it should work.

However, as you get to the last message displayed in the message pane, the
next unseen message appears in the pane and is highlighted. What that means is
now I don't know whether it is an old message that I've kept or the next new
one. Remember the new ones are interspersed within the message list.

The only way to avoid this is to stop before you get to the last viewable
message and scroll the list up. Very annoying. In previous Kmails It used to
scroll up two of the unseen messages so you could see the next one after the
one you were viewing.

Anyway to change this behavior to be like it used to be? Or is this a minor
irritating bug.

Please don't be annoyed as I am going to cross post this message to the KDE

Bob S
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