Re: [opensuse] Trying to change list subscription to 'nomail'

Monte Milanuk wrote:


I'm trying to change my list subscription to 'nomail' as I generally
read and post to most mailing lists via as a nntp-mail
gateway. On many mailing lists I can go to a web page for subscribers
and change my delivery options there; for this list it appears I have
to do this by sending commands to the mailing list software. That'd
be fine... if it worked.

Nomail is not an option as such, it is sort of treated as a different
list. To get unmail:

Unsubscribe from current list, then subscribe to the nomail version.


Per Jessen, Zürich (-5.8°C)

To unsubscribe, e-mail: opensuse+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx
For additional commands, e-mail: opensuse+help@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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