Re: [opensuse] Wireless LAN in BIOS disabled

On 3/24/2010 12:43 PM, Sebastian wrote:

I use KDE 4.4 and openSUSE 11.2 on an eee PC netbook.
Yesterday I suspended yesterday the netbook to RAM and turned it after two
hours or so on again and then my wlan0 device was gone. Later I found out that
it was disabled in the BIOS and after I enabled it again it worked.
Does anyone have an idea how that could be, that it disables Wireless in the
BIOS just by suspending the computer to RAM?

I also checked the NetworkManager logs and they didn't show anything special
except this few lines (this is from the moment when I suspended the computer
to RAM):

Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager:<info> (wlan0): now unmanaged
Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager:<info> (wlan0): device state change: 8 -> 1
(reason 36)
Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager:<info> (wlan0): deactivating device (reason:
Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager:<info> wlan0: canceled DHCP transaction,
dhcp client pid 7732
Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager:<debug> [1269390489.231060] run_netconfig():
Spawning '/sbin/netconfig modify --se
rvice NetworkManager'
Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager:<info> Clearing nscd hosts cache.
Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager: nm_system_device_flush_ip4_routes_with_iface:
assertion `iface_idx>= 0' failed
Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager:
nm_system_device_flush_ip4_addresses_with_iface: assertion `iface_idx>= 0'
Mar 23 20:28:09 NetworkManager:<info> (wlan0): cleaning up...
Mar 23 20:28:09 nm-dispatcher.action: Error in get_property: Method "Get"
with signature "ss" on interface "
eedesktop.DBus.Properties" doesn't exist#012
Mar 23 20:28:09 nm-dispatcher.action: Script
'/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/autofs' exited with error status 1.
Mar 23 20:28:11 NetworkManager:<info> Sleeping...

The funny thing is, that after I turned the netbook on again the wlan0 device
didn't show up in the logs anymore.

That was the first time this happened to me, it is just a bit weird to me.

Oh now this is interesting! I too have found that my wlan0 device on my laptop has stopped mysteriously on me a few times! Rebooting (even with a power cycle) back into SuSE11.2 would not restore it, nor would an rcnetwork restart. I don't use the NetworkManager BTW, rather I have stuck with the old ifup, ifdown routine. I kinda figure it might be a hardware failure at first. But then each time I have rebooted my laptop to Windoz XP and did a diagnostic and repair on my networks, I would find my wlan0 device working again! So far that has been my solution, but now you have made me suspicious of SuSE... Definitely weird!


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