Re: [opensuse] my KDE 4.4.1 upgrade experience

On 03/26/2010 05:46 AM, Vadym Krevs wrote:
So after all this, I went back to KDE 4.3.5, and within half an hour I
had a working and stable desktop again. I really hate to saying this,
but there is no way KDE 4.4.1 is viable upgrade from KDE 4.3.5.


Thanks for the good run-through Vadym. It can be spun 50 different ways, but the
bottom line is kde4 is still beta software. That's why we have a 4.3.5 and 4.4.
If it was reasonably stable, then we would all be working from the upstream
releases built into one set of suse rpms. Instead, we have to freeze one branch
and bandaid it as much as can be done to keep it stable while work progresses on

I have been an avid kde4 user for the past year and authored over 160+ bug
reports to help in brining it along, but it still has a long way to go. I like
the desktop, but if I need to get anything done, I use something else just to
avoid the distraction of having bugs pop up that I have to stop and capture for
submitting later. I still believe kde has shot itself in the foot by disowning
kde3 well before kde4 was in condition to replace it. I continue to advocate
resurrecting kde3 as "KDE Classic" continuing its support for another 18 months
or so while redying kde4.

Trying to 'finish' a desktop after it has been "Released" is like trying to
restore a classic car while driving it -- it just doesn't work. Realistically,
kde4 is probably 18 months from being ready. The help system hasn't even been
picked up off the cutting-room floor yet. A fully released kde with no help
system... Sounds like it's not quite finished yet...

I commend Novell for carrying kde3.5 for 11.2 and providing an alternative for
the times you just need to get work done. kde4 will be a thing of beauty when
finished, but again, it has a long way to go. The downside to the "Release &
Patch" approach is the kde devs now have more bugs than they can hope to ever
get to in the next year, and since fixing 'A' often breaks 'B', the utility in
"Release it & Fix it later" is all but lost.

My respect and support go to the devs. The have a mountainous task, little
thanks, and very poor direction from management (if any) to aid in the process.
If we were working on beta releases, I think the acceptance of the current state
of kde4 would be far better than it presently is -- with all of us now working
on the '4th' Official Release. Live and learn and lessons to all :p

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