Re: [opensuse] Add more disks to RAID 5

Allan Dreyer andersen wrote:

Hi all

I have setup a home server running a RAID 5 (3 disks). Now I would
like to add 2 more disks to my RAID 5 but I'm not sertain how to do

The RAID 5 is created of sda1, sdb1, sdc1 and I would like to add
sdd1, sde1 - what process do you recommend?

Both sdd1 and sde1 are currently mounted under /media/. So I assume
sdd and sde should be unmounted, formated to ext4 and changed to '0xFD
Linux RAID' - is this correct?

Hej Allan

Assuming we're talking about software RAID, I don't know of any way to
grow a RAID5. Therefore the process is roughly like this:

backup your data
unmount filesystem, destroy array
create new array with your new disks
create filesystem, mount filesystem,
copy back your backup

Per Jessen, Zürich (16.9°C)

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