[opensuse] Re: rpm v. zypper: package list should be same? yes? How to sync?

Michael Andres wrote:
On Wednesday 05 May 2010 14:40:52 Jano Kupec wrote:
I (and i hope many people too) find it annoying to type 'in MPlayer'
instead of 'in mplayer', to give an example. So i qualify this as a

IMO not. A human typing the name may say e.g. 'zypper in --ic mplayer'
(--ic=ignore case). Or a --no-ic switch for scripts. Anyway I'd like to be
able to influence the amount of AI.
But don't you agree, that to be friendlier to the general populace,
that AI should be switched on by default, and that 'expert' mode should
require the switch (--no-ic)

The point is you want the default to take up little typing...
especially, if people are trying for minimal typing,
U/l case are more painful than all-lower case, so adding more
chars, as in more 'switches', to get the benefit of not remembering
case is, 'a bit', like adding salt to get the salt-free option.

If you look at multiple groups of users, 1) those who know the case
but have forgotten it, or are lazy, vs. 2) those who know the case and
have no problem using it, vs. 3) those who have no clue that case makes
a difference (3 groups), out of those groups, which groups do you
think would expect to know that they needed a "--modify-case" switch
for any particular invocation (whether it be -cs(casesensitive)/+cs or


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