Re: [opensuse] Firefox v3.6.3 on 11.2

On 2010/05/14 13:21 (GMT+0300) Stan Goodman composed:

I have also d/l the Linux installation
file from the Moxilla site,

Exactly which would that be? I fetched
which is a bz2, not a I don't see any Linux versions of FF for Linux
in format on that download site.

and expanded it.

"Expanded"? Please explain just what you did.

It does not contain
installation instructions,

The one I downloaded contains no installation instructions other than a
README.txt that says:

"For information about installing, running and configuring Firefox including
a list of known issues and troubleshooting information, refer to:";. Trouble is, that redirects to which has
no "information about installation". Mozilla needs a dose of clue.

However, that sort of dead-ends, as it has no "installation instructions".
What it does have is "release notes", which has a useless "installation". I
can understand your puzzlement. Sheesh.

and the script file contained in it claims it

Exactly which "script file"?

cant be executed, even by roor, although it is parked executable by all
and the owner is the user.

Did you try doing ./firefox or ./firefox-bin from the dir in which you
extracted the tar.gz?

I suggest you try the instructions on before
continuing this thread.
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