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Am 14.05.2010 16:57, schrieb Stan Goodman:
At 16:27:16 on Friday Friday 14 May 2010, Felix Miata
<mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I suggest you try the instructions on
before continuing this thread.

Thanks for this link! I have this page before, in updating FF on another
machine that runs 11.1, but couldn't find it now for the task at hand
for the 11.2 machine.

Here is the adventure of updating Firefox, and its surprising conclusion:

# zypper addrepo --refresh

# zypper refresh
All repositories have been refreshed.
# zypper install mozilla:MozillaFirefox
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
skipping package 'MozillaFirefox' (the newest version already installed)
Resolving package dependencies...

Nothing to do.

So supposedly all is well. But a look at "About Firefox" shows that what
is there is v3.5.9, not v3.6.3.


Beacuse zypper never does a vendor change. Your actual FF is from the
installation repository named "openSUSE". The FF you want is from the
openSUSE Build system obs. You should use YaST's software management to
switch vendors manually for the first time (see my other post that I
sent also as PM by mistake :-]). After that, you will always have the
latest version from that repo. But initially, you have to change the
repo by hand. Or: uninstall FF with all dependencies and do a new
"zypper in MozillaFirefox". Zypper will use the latest version from any
repo, when this packe has not been installed yet. If it was already
installed, zypper looks only at the repo you installed it from.

It's a feature... ;-)


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