Re: [opensuse] 11.2 Internet Installation

Dave Howorth wrote:
Something is wrong with the docs for 11.2 Internet Installation.

* 22:00, 5 May 2010 Spyhawk (Talk | contribs) deleted "SDB:Internet
installation" ‎ (content was: '#REDIRECT SDB:Network installation' (and
the only contributor was 'Spyhawk'))"

Folowing that redirect takes me to

which seems to contain much the same information as the original
though formatted differently

Neither of them contain the advice I'm looking for, though. They both
start out by making a big assumption [I think - since I can't understand
them otherwise]. They assume I'm sitting in front of a screen and that
when I boot the system, whatever appears on the screen will behave in
some way they can predict.

So I'm guessing that they both assume I have created some kind of DVD or
CD or something that I have caused the machine to boot from. But neither
of them state that or provide a link to tell me how to create whatever
it is. I think they should.

BUT .. that's not actually what I want. I have a running linux system
and starting from that, I want to install 11.2 from scratch into a new
partition. I don't want to (can't) write some removable media to start
the process. I want to do th installation from a running system (not
opensuse) using an internet connection and local disks if necessary.
Where are those instructions nowadays?

Cheers, Dave
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