Re: [opensuse] SIT interface missing

Rodney Baker wrote:
On Wed, 19 May 2010 05:48:43 James Knott wrote:
Per Jessen wrote:
James Knott wrote:
I'm trying to set up an IPv6 tunnel on SUSE 11.0, but am having
problems as a needed SIT interface is not there. What do I need to do
to have this interface.
You create it when you're setting up the tunnel - ip tunnel add or
something like that.
I have looked at that link and it says to run the ip command. The one
for the tunnel is:

/sbin/ip tunnel add sit1 mode sit ttl 64 remote

When I do that, I get back the error:

ioctl: No such device
That error can simply mean that you have your command syntax wrong and it is
seeing a parameter where it expects a device name (or something similar).
Double check your command syntax (as a last resort read the man page).

I've got past that now. Apparently I had to load the sit module. However, now I'm stuck at trying to get radvd going. When I try to start the client I now get an error:

2010/05/19 08:24:09 I gogoc: Error while executing /usr/sbin/radvd
2010/05/19 08:24:09 I gogoc: Command: /usr/sbin/radvd -u radvd -p /var/run/ra
dvd/ -C /usr/local/gogoc/gogoc-rtadvd.conf
2010/05/19 08:24:09 E gogoc: Interface configuration script completed with error

It does not give any reason for the failure and even setting the radvd debug level to 5 doesn't reveal anything.
The configuration file is created by a script and matches the examples given for radvd.

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