Re: [opensuse] Dual boot: Suse does not find non-Suse distros

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 13:33, Dotan Cohen wrote:
I recently installed Open Suse 11.3 beta (build 0625) on a system with
another Linux distro in another partition. Interestingly, Suse gave me
no option for configuring dual boot, and the resulting boot menu
showed only the Suse partition. I was able to install a custom Grub2
to get back into the other distro, but why doesn't Suse provide this?

It's been like that since 11.2. Previous openSUSE releases (up to
11.1) would set up other OSes in Grub on install, but now it doesn't.

This was discussed on the Factory list around the time of 11.2RC2 and
raised in a bug report: The bug was closed
without any real satisfactory solution (in my opinion).

In my observations, openSUSE is the only Linux Distro that I install
(out of many) that fails to recognize and set up other installed OSes
correctly. Now, we get either nothing at all in Grub for other OSes,
or a chain loading mess of multiple Grubs... unless you go in and
manually twiddle and tweak your Grub menus.

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