Re: [opensuse] multiboot: Suse does not find non-Suse distros

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 18:30, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2010/06/06 17:09 (GMT+0200) C composed:

...there is no argument that anything to do with booting and
configuring Grub is complex, but... I still have yet to see a single
answer to this problem that takes into account the fact that openSUSE
did somehow manage do set up Grub with multiple boot partitions in the
past, and that other Linux Distros still seem to be able to manage it
right now...

Then you must have missed

To elaborate, Grub 2 GA is still not released. Last I checked it was still
betaware at v1.98, which occurred subsequent to 11.2 release. Novell
apparently decided its released to date installation program versions needed
not support it.

I saw that. I'm beginning to think we're on totally different
wavelengths here. I am not arguing about Grub2, nor am I at this
point, pointing at distros with Grub2. The subject of this thread
happens when you install openSUSE 11.2 on a system with 11.1, 11.0,
Ubuntu 9.04, etc etc. There is no Grub2 involved there is there? I
had 5 different distros installed at the time of 11.2RC1 and RC2.
When I installed 11.2, I "lost" all my other menu choices in Grub.
Something that never happened with previous releases. I could only
chose 11.2 from the Grub menu. I had no distros installed that were
using Grub2. openSUSE 11.2 does not use Grub2 by default.... so my
comment still seems quite valid to me... and your valid point about
Grub2 has no bearing on the issue that I can see... or does it? If it
does, how since Grub2 is not a part of the proverbial equation at this
point. I think we're discussing the apples and oranges thing.

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