Re: [opensuse] Re: Which package for 'Hotkeys' EEEPC?

Cristian Rodríguez schreef:
El 07/06/10 15:49, Oddball escribió:

You just need to manually configure and start the daemon via YaST or
the CLI with chkconfig and rceee-controld. Works fine on 11.2 11.3M7
and SLED11 SP1 on my ASUS eeePC 1000HA

Although I see 0.9.6 is now available

Please open a bug report (if not already fixed in factory), this should
work, eeepc detected automagically and packages installed, daemons
running, everything.

attach the output of /usr/sbin/hwinfo and add me to the CC list.

Does this also go for 11.2, or only 11.3 M7?


Enjoy your time around,

Oddball, aka M9.

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