Re: [opensuse] Richard Warhold is out of the office.

On 6/10/2010 3:40 AM, Anders Johansson wrote:
But you do send it an email, every time you post to the list. Look at the
emails. They are sent with the author as sender, not the mailing list

Ok, I'll buy that but I am a bit curious about why no one has
said anything about Richard's name not ever appearing in this
list. Of course I may have dropped a few messages over the
years but I have been this list for 10 years. I don't find
his name in an messages and when I google that name, I find
first ones are from this list and then various listings
elsewhere. I find it a little hard to believe this is just
an auto responder. Of course I could be wrong but I tend to
be suspicious of names that suddenly appear and they have
something out of the ordinary to say.

Damon Register

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