Re: [opensuse] Ejecting a USB stick in kde4

On Sunday 20 June 2010 12:57:28 am Michael S. Dunsavage wrote:
On 06/19/2010 05:42 PM, Stan Goodman wrote:
In my v11,2 laptop machine, when a USB stick is inserted, a
corresponding icon appears on the Desktop, through which one can do
many things, including ejecting the device.

In my desktop machine, in contrast, this important and handy icon
does not appear. Worse, if there is a way to eject the stick by use
of anything in the GUI, I haven't found it.

How can I get the same convenient icon on the Desktop machine?

Assuming it's KDE you're using (I haven't used Gnome anywhere near
enough to know the answer) add the widget "Device Notifier".

I put it on my desktop, but it works well in the system tray as well.

I am using kde4.

Apparently, I already have Device Notifier. The way I know that is that I
added another one from the menu, and it is identical with the one I
already have; now I have altogether four on the desktop, and find no way
to eliminate the excess (there are options for adding widgets, but none
for abandoning them).

But these Device notifiers are displayed as small windows, not as an icon
as I described on the laptop, and clicking everywhere on them has not
revealed a menu of actions for the USB stick, so this widget seems not to
be very useful. I did find a "Help" button with some relief; clicking on
it brings up a dialog window that says: "The file or folder help:/plasma-
desktop/index.html does not exist". Way to go, KDE!

If somebody could tell me how to achieve some control over the USB stick,
e.g. ejecting it, I would be very grateful. If somebody knows how to
discard the extra copies of Device Notifier, I will be overjoyed.
Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on
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