[opensuse] Re: 11.3 how to move directory to save space?

Mike wrote:
I have a mixed system (Windows Vista and Opensuse 11.3). I just
upgraded from 11.2 to 11.3. I was running out of space prior to this
and uninstalled a few non-essential apps (games, graphics/multimedia
apps, etc). I am severely low on space in my root directory. I ran the
(new) Disk Usage Analyzer and found that my /usr/lib and /usr/share
directories are eating up the bulk of space. Is there any way I can
move either of these to the empty /overflow partition?
Hopefully you solved you problem, but if not, I had a similar
problem with my /usr/share/fonts being too big, so I:

mv /usr/share/fonts /home/.

(or safer:)
cp -a /usr/share/fonts /home/. && rm -fr /usr/share/fonts/


mkdir /usr/share/fonts

and add to /etc/fstab:

mount /home/fonts /usr/share/fonts none bind

Then your directory at the new location will act like a directory
and not a symlink (if that's important for you -- for system
folders, it is for me -- some programs disallow symlinks in parts
of their paths as being potential security risks).

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