Re: [opensuse] remote logging

Dave Cotton wrote:
On 23/07/10 12:59, Dave Howorth wrote:
Does anybody happen to know how to enable remote system logging in
opensuse 11.2?

I've read that it involves putting @hostname in /etc/rsyslog.conf but I
see that there's also /etc/rsyslog.d/remote.conf but that is entirely
commented out. I also kind of expect that there'll be a way to set it up
in yast if I can only find it. I checked the sysconfig editor but didn't
see anything there

I fought this all this morning having done an upgrade from 11.2. Both
syslog-ng and rsyslogd were installed on the machine, I had always had
remote logging working with syslog-ng.

Found that if you uncomment the following it works as before

# UDP Syslog Server:
$ModLoad # provides UDP syslog reception
$UDPServerRun 514 # start a UDP syslog server at standard port 514

Thanks for that. That's to set up the server that's receiving the log,
isn't it? Which will be very useful shortly. First I need to set up the
machine that is sending the log. Is that just a matter of editing
/etc/rsyslog.conf ?

Thanks, Dave
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