Re: [opensuse] filesystems no unmounted on OS 11.3

On Thursday 29 Jul 2010 10:30:37 Will Stephenson wrote:
On Thursday 29 July 2010 09:19:48 Peter Nikolic wrote:
And yes, that the

root partition is not properly closed, is another

matter, and you should

report that one in a bugzilla. IMO.

Humm yes the worst bug reporting

system there is the place where things

that should be fixed get marked

WONTFIX cus someone got out of bed the

wrong side that morning ( insert

sarcasm symbol of choice here)

Bugzilla - devs close bugs as WONTFIX
because managers want good stats
Trac - becomes infinitely slow after 10000
bugs because it's Python
Mantis - bugs are unhandled because devs spend more
time hacking Mantis
Launchpad - bugs are reported in their millions but
never reach anyone capable of fixing them
Sourceforge - bugs are smothered
under accumulated dust bunnies and tumbleweed

Choose your poison


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Pete .

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