Re: [opensuse] Broken quoting, was: Kaffeine on 11.3 fails to produce audio

* Carlos F Lange <carlos.lange@xxxxxxxxxxx> [07-30-10 13:08]:
On Fri July 30 2010 10:48:00 Patrick Shanahan wrote:
mat'l above quoted for example.

Has anyone else noted the broken quoting by KMail/1.13.5.

Is it a kmail problem or do I have a problem?  I see the same display
in seamonkey -mail and with kmail 1.13.5 (kmail 4.4.5-234.2) and with
mailx 12.2-161.1, and firefox/gmail

If you look at the source of the message (view source) you notice that the
line breaks come from Rodney's e-mail. He seems to be using KMail/1.13.5, so
it is possibly a problem of KMail. If I hit Reply on Peter's message with my
KMail 1.19.10, I get all normal quotes and line breaks.

And the quoting in your post appears correctly, as expected :^).
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