Re: [opensuse] Re: How to enable Tor in firewall for tor relaying?

Rajko M. wrote:
On Tuesday 17 August 2010 20:39:55 Brian K. White wrote:

Anyone who doesn't think privacy is crucial is an idiot.

Agree, but idiot is also one that trust some web page without checking who is

With Tor there is a problem, if they are effective protecting privacy then you
can't know who they are, and you can't trust them, but if you know who they
are, then they are not protecting even own privacy, so you don't need them.

there is lots of info available that a lot of folks living in (say)
Iran have trust issues with their government, and therefore use Tor..

see for example this over one year old:

imHo, if privacy is trampled anywhere, freedom is trampled everywhere.

on the other hand, _your_ confidence in who you might or might not be
dealing with at a web site is not a matter of _your_ privacy, but
theirs....and, no matter how deeply you want to know exactly who they
are, if they do not choose to level with you, you are free to go
somewhere else...

you have the freedom to do that *and* protect your privacy, *AND* win win

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