Re: [opensuse] What's the purpose of Plasma?

On 29/08/2010 16:49, Duaine Hechler wrote:
Duaine Hechler wrote:
Basil Chupin wrote:

On 29/08/2010 07:11, Duaine Hechler wrote:


DAMN PEOPLE - These arguments are KILLING ME.
I am also on a - piano tech list - and - MOST - of the emails are for
GRANDS messages. For myself, 99% of my clients are UPRIGHTS and UPRIGHT

It's POINTLESS for me to complain to the email list about the amount of
emails that I see about GRANDS.

Why don't you ask to have a mail list created for any keyboard
instrument OTHER than a grand piano (be it the full throttle or the
baby, like my uncle has - not the mail list but the piano :-) )?

They have the same problem - this - list does (opensuse), it is for the
WHOLE organization (piano technicians guild)


Plus, since childhood, as least for me, WE have been taught to go to the
lowest common denominator - opensuse.

Yes, KDE is a part opensuse BUT, again, the lowest common denominator IS

You have totally lost me....

What does the opensuse mail lists have to do with the "piano technicians guild"?


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