Re: [opensuse] AMD kills ATI brand, you can look forward to blood-stained Radeons

Michael S. Dunsaavage wrote:
On 8/30/2010 8:34 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:

This may not be a good idea for a number of reasons.
"Brand loyalty" aside, can they now sell off "ATI" (brand or entity)
when they hit hard financial times?

They won't be selling it off any time soon. Right now AMD is working on
fixing ATI. I went to school with a guy that's a MTS and his boss is
actually going to Canada shortly to help them sort the mess out.

I hope they fix it before shipping any product with the AMD brand. Right
now ATI == "never again" in my head, while AMD == "OK with some
caveats". They could easily damage the AMD brand if they're not careful.
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