Re: [opensuse] Problem with Virtualbox kernel 2.6.36 module

On 11/10/2010 9:24 AM, Bogdan Cristea wrote:
On Wednesday 10 November 2010 16:19:23 Hernan Thiers wrote:
Here it's me again with the kernel 2.6.36 adventures :)

I have been trying to run my virtual machines in virtualbox with no
success so I decided to upgrade packages for upgraded kernel, this means
to install them from Virtualization-kernel-HEAD repo.

I am using kernel and I have no problem running
VirtualBox (not the OSE). Why are you trying to use a higher version of the
kernel instead of the default one for openSUSE 11.3 ?

I can tell you why I do: better performance with Nvidia drivers
(latest). I was having issues with KDE seeming to lockup for short
periods. After I updated my kernel to the kernel in Kernel:HEAD and
reinstalled the kernel module, bliss has settled!

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