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is this what you were looking for?

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Subject: [opensuse] zypper totally non-interactive?

I want to add a call to zypper to a Tcl script. I have no trouble
determining what missing packages I want to install and running the
script. The problem is that zypper insists, it seems, on asking for
confirmation about installing packages. I understand that it is probably
generally bad form to install without getting user ok. In this case, I
am doing a check of a newly installed openSUSE system, and I want to be
sure no required packages are missing. I see how to tell zypper to auto
OK license files. But I see no way to tell it to auto OK installing

I know I know I know. But is there such an option? (I did not ask if
there SHOULD be an option. I do not want that discussion.)

Not having such an option does not stop a potential hidden package
installation. All I need to do is wrap the script in 'expect'. It is
just that this increases the list of required packages that I need to
run this. And I am trying to minimize that list.

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