Re: [opensuse] Netinstall path for 11.1 broken... :-(

On 12/9/2010 8:49 AM, Oddball wrote:
Well, whattayeknow, seems the networkcable was broken this way, that the
clip to secure the plug in its socket was torn off: the cable was
sitting in the socket, but not entirely to the bottom: no contact....

So you see, i made a lot of fuss about something that was not it..... i
am deeply ashamed... :-s..
But now it works....
Did a lot of unnessesary things, cluttered the list with lies!

I want to appologise for that...



Coming back here to say so helped a lot.

The entire story from start to finish serves as instruction and example for newbies, but only when it includes this final post that explains away the rest, which many do not ever bother to do.

So no worries.


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