Re: [opensuse] mail gurus - help: postfix/local - bounced (can't create user output file)??

David C. Rankin wrote:


I have a weird postfix error that is causing incoming mail to *me* on
a new server to bounce. (imap-postfix/procmail/dovecot) Other users
are fine.

How is your user different from the other?

RECEIVING (not fine)

Dec 19 00:21:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[4063]: connect from[]
Dec 19 00:21:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[4063]: E61D6E7E79:[]
Dec 19 00:21:53 localhost postfix/cleanup[4067]: E61D6E7E79:
Dec 19 00:21:53 localhost postfix/qmgr[2183]: E61D6E7E79:
from=<me@xxxxxxxxxxx>, size=555, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Dec 19 00:21:53 localhost postfix/smtpd[4063]: disconnect from[]
Dec 19 00:21:54 localhost postfix/local[4068]: E61D6E7E79:
to=<me@xxxxxxxx>, relay=local, delay=0.12, delays=0.09/0.01/0/0.02,
dsn=5.2.0, status=bounced (can't create user output file)

What about a receiving example with a user that works?

So what say the gurus? Most likely an inbox issue? Have there been any
inbox format changes from 10.3 to present that might explain the
problem? If so, is there any tool that might fix the problem?

Check /var/log/audit/audit.log for any issues.

What is your mailbox_command defined as?

Per Jessen, Zürich (2.5°C)

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