[opensuse] Suse11.3 + Win7 + BitLocker

Dear SUSE fans, beginners and experts,

I have a Win7 system which uses BitLocker to protect the hard drive. I
converted this system to a dual boot system with Suse11.3. I did
following steps:
1. I managed to repartition the system (with Win7 tools) and install Suse.
2. Suse and Win7 are booting both without problems via Grub.
3. I forgot to deactivate BitLocker before the installation of Suse.
After the installation of Suse, when I boot into Win7, I'm was always
asked for the BitLocker recovery key. After decrypting with BitLocker
the Win7 partition I'm no longer asked for the recovery key.

The current state of the system is that Win7 and Suse boot without any
problems, the Win7 partition is encrypted (no BitLocker protection!).
While booting into Win7 BitLocker is no longer asking me for the
recovery key.

Because of "security" reasons the Win7 partition has to be encrypted.
When I try to activate BitLocker again, it gives me following error
"Because of a change of the Computer, the computer
has to be rebooted before the BitLocker Setup."

Well I followed the advice of BitLocker and rebooted the system
several times but BitLocker still brings the same error message. When
I run the recovery tool of Win7 it removes Gub and BitLocker works
without any problems (but I can't boot Suse because Grub is gone :( ).
If I reinstall Grub, BitLocker gives me the same error message. My
current guess is that BitLocker does not like Grub.

At the moment I'm standing infront of following dilemma,I have two options:
1. Dualboot Win7 and Suse but not BitLocker protection or
2. Win7 with BitLocker protection but no Suse (at least no Grub to boot Suse).

I guess this is a standard problem. I'm for sure not the first one who
wants to setup a dual boot system Win7+Suse AND use BitLocker.
Some forums suggest to use the Windows boot loader instead of Grub,
but I'm a little reluctant towards this idea. What is the solution to
this dilemma?

Happy new year and looking forward for your ideas,
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