[opensuse] Kernel upgrade gone bad

I just did a software update via yast after being away from home on a
two-week business trip. One of the patches installed was an upgrade to
the 2.6.37 default kernel. After a reboot, I can't get to a working
desktop anymore.

I have tried for several months to upgrade to the 2.6.37 kernel in the
various release candidate iterations, as each appeared. But each
installation was unsuccessful, and the operatiing system wouldn't boot
to desktop with the same symptoms as I am about to describe in the
subsequent paragraphs. I ended up downgrading my kernel back to the
2.6.34 version to allow the operating system to boot up properly. I did
this by using the failsafe mode to boot up, then using yast to downgrade
the kernel-default to The other installed kernel
packages, kernel-default-base, kernel-default-devel, kernel-devel, and
kernel-source remained at version 2.6.37 but everything worked.

I am using opensuse 11.3 with kde4.5.5 release 1. I have an Nvidia
graphix card and am using the linux Nvidia graphics driver.

Now, I can't boot with the normal operating system or with failsafe mode
into kernel 2.6.37, so I can't downgrade the kernel-default. When I try
to boot, I get several messages. These are:

1. Pressing escape during the boot up to read the boot messages provides
one message reading
"Unable to cannocalize /lib/modules/2.6.37/default/system/I can't read
the rest of the path because the message flashes by too quickly.

2. When kde would normally boot to the kde login screen, I get a
Cannot enter home directory using /.

My cursor is frozen, so by pressing enter I receive the following
message on a new screen:

3. In a terminal window about 1x4 inches appearing on a black background
on my monitor, I get the following partial message:
kstartupconfig4 does not exist or fails. The error code is 3. Check

My cursor is frozen on the black portion of the screen, and the computer
won't boot any farther. I have to press and hold the start button to
reboot at this point.

Can anyone help me restore the operating system to normal operation with
the new kernel?

I wonder if the Nvidia graphics driver didn't upgrade to match the new
kernel, and if that is the source of the problems? If so, how does one
upgrade it by booting to runlevel 3 and using command line when booting
the 2.6.37 kernel?

Thanks in advance,

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