Re: [opensuse] Upgrading KDE 4.4 > 4.5 -- was: Graduated from "Absent trash icon" to disaster

On Friday 04 February 2011 14:43:51 C wrote:
On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 13:37, Stan Goodman wrote:
On Friday 04 February 2011 14:19:50 Sven Burmeister wrote:
Am Freitag, 4. Februar 2011, 12:53:35 schrieb Stan Goodman:
I want to avoid screwing up this installation as I did the earlier
one. A Google search for the "right" way to make this update shows
a bewildering variety of instructions with much inconsistency, and
I don't want

Why not just use the openSUSE-wiki?

accidentally to install v4.5.5, so even the instructions on
openSuSE pages are suspect. Where can I find the RIGHT oS
instructions for upgrading to KDE v4.5.[null]?

Since there are only 4.5.5 or 4.6 packages available this is not
possible unless you compile KDE yourself. And I would not know a
sensible reason why 4.5.0 would be any better than 4.5.5 anyway.

The paragraph I copied was a response to a thread about v4.5.5
collapsing after updates. I am trying to avoid unnecessary problems.
I'll go to v4.5.5 if that's what there is.


Stan, you may want to investigate going directly to KDE4.6.0. There
have been significant changes and bug fixes leading up to the 4.6.0
release. I'm using 4.6.0 on all installs running KDE, and it's - at
least on my machines - noticeably better than 4.5.5. You are starting
from a clean install of 11.3, so the upgrade to 4.6.0 could well be
worth it over 4.5.5.

It's an idea worth considering. I'll wait a couple of days to see if
anyone comments on it, pro or con. I assume that v4.6v will be in oS
v11.4; is that correct? If the DVD will offer only v4.5.x, I think I would
prefer to upgrade only to that now.

Another idea worth considering, especially in light of the bag-of-worms of
KDE4 release numbers, would be to wait for another month or month and a
half, and let 11.4 make up its mind what KDE it will offer.

Finding how to upgrade to v4.5.5, by the way, turns out to involve more
than just consulting the oS Wiki as was suggested earlier today. The
relevant page, which must have been there at some time, is no longer
present; the wiki suggests that I seek it in or something
of the sort, which I did. There is such a page there, but it is empty
(except for a line declaring that it is empty). Now you see it, now you
don't, and nothing lasts forever, even if it would still be useful.

So I would be happy to have other comments on KDE v4.6.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on
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