[opensuse] Need help with FreeNX and pam_mount

Hi everyone,

currently, we use openSUSE 11.1 with FreeNX server and pam_mount to get
access to our network with a graphical interface. Since 11.1 is out of
maintenance (except Evergreen :-)), we want to update to 11.3.

As a first, we installed a VM with openSUSE 11.3 and pam_mount.
Everything was configured well, so one could login as LDAP user and the
shares from /etc/security/pam_mount.conf.xml and from
~/.pam_mount.conf.xml are fully available.

Next step was the installation and activation of FreeNX server. The
nxsetup command complained about the sshd setup, but we found no errors.
But no way to login via NX from remote, while ssh login from both remote
and localhost was possible.

We found two things:
a) the certificate is searched in /.ssh/, not in
/var/lib/nxserver/home/.ssh. Creating a symlink solved this issue. I
still wonder why this location is searched.
b) the NX login works fine when pam_mount is disabled for the session.
The file /etc/pam.d/sshd contains two entries for pam_mount:
auth optional pam_mount.so
session optional pam_mount.so
As soon as the second line is commented with a leading #, the NX login

As a workaround, we tried to use "Extended user control" from the
pam_mount.conf man page. But it does not work - the share
options="domain=MYDOMAIN" <!-- and other options as well -->
<not> <user>wflamme</user> </not> </volume>
is mounted for use wflamme too - and changing this to user nx has no
effect either. Replacing <user>...</user> by <uid>...</uid> also doesn't

Two questions remain:
a) how do I disable mounting a volume for a certain user?
b) how do I get FreeNX and pam_mount to work together?

I hope that someone on this list can help me...

Thanks in advance :-)
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