Re: [opensuse] What were they thinking... ? "Ontologies necessary for the Nepomuk semantic desktop"

On Thu, 2011-03-03 at 00:36 +0200, Stan Goodman wrote:

It could very well be what happens here: you make a working name for
something during development - long before the thing sees the light of
day - and with no intention that the thing really be called that when it
is released into the wild. But references pop up, and eventually you are
stuck with the working name being the final product name. As such, we
now try hard to come up with a good name before we tell anyone about it.
And let me tell you, finding a good name is often as hard as making the
app itself. Especially when you factor in that the name should be as
useful to native and occasional English speakers.

In Interface Design 101, a rule that is repeated to the point of
distraction is that:

(1) if there is a parallel in the real world to what you are trying to
accomplish, then use the real world metaphor to your advantage via
naming, control choices, etc. The user will 'catch on' much faster.

(2) It there is no parallel in the real world, do not confuse the user
by choosing names etc that imply that there is a relation to something
they may already know/understand. The user will recognize that this is
something new and needs to be learned.

So, where in the real world do you have desktop search engines? I lean
towards #2 as being the category they fit in. At least for most people
(bibliophiles aside). Same for the other admittedly oddly named items.
But I suspect the name is not because of reason 2. It is probably more
the result of the development naming trap.

BTW, I thought definition 4 for Plasma was not too bad for the Desktop

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