Re: [opensuse] opensuse 11.3: no export from Yast2? No additional repositories?

On Sunday, March 06, 2011 07:13:27 AM Markus Egg wrote:

Second time to ask this question:
I bought a openSuSE 11.3 package,

On this list it doesn't matter is version bought or downloaded.
Support on this list is by volunteers that have no obligation to help, but
they help equally any openSUSE user as time permits.

To request support, if it was included in the version that you bought, you
have to contact vendor, and they have obligation to answer that request.

Now back to your problem.

made a fresh install on my laptop
and tried to export the installed packages (like in previous
versions of openSuSE and yast2).

It does not work: yast2 Software dialog simply vanishes
when selecting "Export" for exporting the installed packages!

I'm using 64 bit openSUSE with KDE as a desktop, and File > Export works in
both GTk and Qt interfaces.

Default is Qt interface, but when both GUIs are installed and YaST is started
from root terminal:
yast2 --gtk
it will run in GTk mode.

In case that you want to check Qt interface, command line is;
yast2 --qt

To see other yast2 modules:
zypper se yast2
To install some module:
zypper in <module_name_listed_in_zypper_se>
for instance
zypper in yast2-qt
zypper in yast2-gtk

But, before any manual installations try:
zypper up
to update the system.

Bug report seems to be here:

It seems fixed since 2010-09-28.

Same for Software Repositories:
when adding a repository from local directory the repository
dialog vanishes when I try to open the fileselector to select
the directory!

I didn't check this as I download 11.3 directly from online repos.
It's long time since I played with local repositories. If I need single
package then:
zypper in <local_rpm>
does that for me.

Then I checked and found that version
that is here:
yast2-2.19.14-0.3.1.i586.rpm 07-Jan-2011 12:45 568K
and here:
seems to be the newest version (correct?).

yast2-2.19.14-0.3.1.x86_64 is here the newest.
(as mentioned, I use 64 bit openSUSE)

Installed this one.
The new version installs fine but it has the same bugs!

is the newest GTk, downloaded just now.

Run system update with:
zypper up
and see does that help.

Note that problem in YaST can be actually some package that YaST is using, so
updating YaST alone will not solve the problem. With 'zypper up' you will get
all available updates, and problem should disappear.

Is there any solution for this faulty yast2?

Faulty user interface doesn't make yast2 faulty, there is always another 2 to
try out :)

Is there any newer version (I did not find one on the net)?

All that is newer is mentioned in a bug reports.
There is also test version in:
that is newer, but it is test repo, not for everyone.

If you decide to use it, first add repo to zypper (YaST) with:
zypper ar
then run:
zypper ref
zypper up
and see what happens.

Thanks in advance

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