Re: [opensuse] VirtualBox and Catch-22

On 03/23/2011 10:51 PM, John Layt wrote:
On Wednesday 23 Mar 2011 13:53:09 Stan Goodman wrote:
In trying to install VirtualBox v4.0.4 (from the Oracle site) in my
laptop (v11.4), I neglected to ascertain that<make> was installed, and
of course it wasn't.

This caused installation from the rpm to stop, leaving in its log that
it couldn't find<make>. I cannot simply repeat the installation process
because the system retorts that VB is already installed. I also cannot
delete it and start again, because the system claims that it isn't
installed, and therefore can't be removed.

What is the key to unlock this?
Don't use the rpm's from the Oracle site, they need too much manual work,
instead enable the openSuse build service repo and do install it from there.

Go into Yast / Software Repositories, click on Add, choose Community
Repositories then Next, tick the box for "openSUSE BuildService -
Virtualization (VirtualBox)" and click OK to add the repo.

After that go into Yast/Software Management as normal and search for
VirtualBox. Select to install virtualbox-qt and it should autoselect
virtualbox and the virtualbox-host-kmp for your kernel. Then just install and

Does this repository provide the non OSE version of VB ?

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