Re: [opensuse] Funny/Sad story about Philips SPC530NC webcam on 11.4

On 4/18/2011 8:27 AM, Philipp Thomas wrote:
* Insomniac (insomniac@xxxxxxxxxx) [20110413 00:39]:

For some odd reason the kernel people or the suse people or whomever it
was, decided to remove the part that made them work. You know, the 'fix
what ain't broke' people.

It's the kernel folks, more precisely Greg Kroah-Hartman that removed the
hook from the pwc driver that was needed to use the binary-only decompressor
module pwcx. PWC runs without the decompressor but has limits in quality and

And removing the hook is more good than bad because remember: kernel drivers
are free to do everything they want.

And the author could possibly have found a way to run the decompressor in
user space which would have solved the problem with the kernel folks.
Instead he choose to act more like a diva and throw the towel i.e. remove
pwc from the kernel sources and quit maintaining it.

So don't blame old hardware...that's a throwback, garbage excuse to the days
of Windows - every version of it.

The blame is still on companies that try to differentiate themselves by
hiding the details of their hardware or that buy 3rd party ip without the
rights to open-source them.


I know, veering off topic, the damned GMA500 chip in my Vaio-P wasted so much of my time... Even on Windows! I wanted that tiny form factor but god what a pain in the balls it was getting a working video driver, even if you didn't care about the hardware accelleration it was still tricky just to get plain-old-plain-old native text resolution and basic X.

Back on topic, I often curse this machine, and when I do, I curse Sony, Intel and PowerVR, not the few people that managed to hack and re-package the binary driver to support newer kernels and other machines a few times but rarely very well and rarely up to date and rarely (never?) for suse and not recently.

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