[opensuse] wifi 802.11n on 11.3


I have no real idea how to diagnose this issue so trying here if people
have similar experience or ideas what to check/do.

I used to have a 54Mb/s access point with a client with 802.11n
capabilities (openSUSE 11.3, driver iwlagn). No issues at all using that
wifi connection.

Since a few weeks I've replaced the access point with a modern one also
with 802.11n support. The client speeds up to 300Mb/s as I can with
iwconfig or nm-applet.
But as soon as I transmit data (just terminal characters so not much) I
get a collapse in bandwith (iwconfig goes down to 1Mb/s). This is highly
annoying in SSH sessions when you get some characters over the "wire"
and then get a pause where nothing gets through for like 3-5 seconds.
That even happens with Link Quality=66/70 like quality which I would
consider still good.

I'm no expert but that doesn't seem to be a connection issue to me. My
wireless network also is the only one here so there shouldn't be much noise.

Any ideas or hints?

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