Re: [opensuse] 11.4 - is 'tracker' 'beagle' in disguise?

On Sat, 2011-05-07 at 20:58 -0700, Randall R Schulz wrote:
On Saturday May 7 2011, David C. Rankin wrote:


... or is it just another waste of cpu cycles and index db space?

That's so cute. "Waste of CPU cycles and [disk] space."

These things are, for all practical purposes now, unlimited. It's nearly
impossible to actually waste them.

Generally speaking CPU cycles may be unlimited, I guess. But if I have a
measurement application that should do something as close to 'now' as is
possible, these indexing apps reek havoc. They never seem to run as 100%
nice processes. If they did, you would not know they were running. Since
you do notice, they are being less than nice. This is especially a
nuisance in systems that get rebooted often. Seems they like to do some
resource intensive things when they start. As our systems are in
vehicles on the road, they do get powered off/on rather regularly. So we
too nuke these features, preferring the unlimited CPU cycles be
available to our own applications. Of course, YMWV.

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