[opensuse] Re: Ex disk problem

Hi all,

On 2011/05/17 07:45 (GMT+0200) James Hatridge composed:
Thanks to everyone! I broke open the case and put the HD in my system and
it works fine now.

What did you find inside? WD? Samsung? Seagate? Hitachi? Brandless? Other?

Does it have a typical branding label on it, complete with date of
manufacture? Or was it an Iomega label, or no label?

How easy was it to break open?

It was easy to open, it was just snapped together. It had a good Samsung Sata
HD in it. I put it in an empty 3.5 slot I had in my system and plugged it in.
All I had to do was give it a mount point.

Now it works fine.


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